“Heavenly music, and soothing enough to send my babies to dreamland every time” 
 -Leigha Griffiths, mother of 2

“When I first put ‘Lullaby Sweet Baby’ into my cd player it ended up on repeat for three hours! My ‘baby’ is now 5 years old so we were not trying to sleep on a Saturday afternoon but we had started making a cake. Cooking is not usually a harmonious occasion in my kitchen, but a beautiful atmosphere descended as the music filtered through us and calmed the beasts within and we went on to make cookies and eventually dinner, all to the soothing yet inspiring music that flowed. The collection on this album is light and fresh, innocent and pure on top with a deep river of love and joy running through it. We love it…all the time…anytime…it would almost be a shame to sleep through it…even for a baby!” 
-Kelly Modulon, mother of 1

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